Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Extra virgin olive oil

The Salvagno extra virgin olive oil boasts special aromatic characteristics in addition to its particular flavour and colour. This is due to its location which enjoys a favourable micro-climate as well as the harvesting and working methods and the century long experience the mill has in this art.

Grignano Extra virgin olive oil

In the olive groves located just 150 metres above sea level, the Salvagno family carefully selects the varieties of olives from which this greeny yellow coloured oil with its exquisite and rounded perfume, slight after taste of herbs and precious flavour with the right amount of intensity can be obtained.
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Organic line

The Frantoio Salvagno which is located in the Nesente Valpantena hills of Verona, owes its luck to its position which boasts optimum climatic conditions. Since 1978, Salvagno started up its "Olivicoltura Pulita" ("Clean olive cultivation”) project in these marvellous hills organising conventions for customers and Agricultural Companies who supply olives to the mill. Together with the techniques which control that the correct cultivation is performed, an organic cultivation calendar was established. Our organic products which are BIOS certified are our extra virgin olive oils and our olive pulps.

Top quality extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil by the Salvagno mill is obtained from the Verona hills, in the olive groves located at a height of between 150 and 200 metres.

A particularly favourable climate, characterised by warm and wet summers, and mild winters, makes this territory the ideal location for the cultivation of olives and the production of strictly biological oil of the highest quality.

History, culture and tradition are just some of the values behind this prized product boasting unique freshness, bringing the fragrances and aromas of an extraordinarily fertile territory to your table.

A century of experience in the art of milling

Fragrant, sweet and fruity, Salvagno extra virgin olive oil owes its unique properties not only to its favourable micro-climatic position, but also to the special harvesting and milling methods used. These are the fruit of knowledge and experience, which over the course of a century have made this oil mill in Verona a true landmark of Italian production.
Extra virgin olive oil for a healthy diet

With its subtle and clean fragrance and its characteristic yellow-gold colour, Salvagno extra virgin olive oil is the ideal condiment to accompany a healthy and balanced diet, and is particularly beneficial for the body as it reduces the percentage of cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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