Organic oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Top quality organic olives cultivated naturally and hence, without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers are critical ingredients for producing the Salvagno brand organic line which today includes two leading products: extra virgin olive oil and olive pulp. Our company in Verona which has always been committed to environmental issues has recently developed this new line of products in order to invest in the future and to promote cleaner and safer agriculture.

A natural product with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers
Precise regulations concerning the cultivation of the olives and the bottling of the oil must be stringently respected in order for the end product to be termed organic. In more detail, special working phases and specific controls are required before products are put on the market:
  • Olives must be harvested by hand;
  • Chemical substances must be eliminated during cultivation;
  • Specific controls must be carried out that ensure organic agricultural regulations have been carefully followed.
BIOS certified organic oil
The Salvagno oil mill has successfully fulfilled all the essential requirements for producing organic products and today, boasts, excellent BIOS certified products which are the jewel in the crown of this famous agricultural business which is well known, not just in Italy, but also abroad.
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