The Oil Culture
of Frantoio Salvagno

Our love for oil began in 1923, when our family started cultivating olives in the heart of Valpantena, among the lush green Veronese hills.

Since then, Frantoio Salvagno has been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the same passion, creating a product for demanding consumers who constantly seek the genuineness of simple and natural foods.

The perfect combination of tradition and innovation allows us to experiment with alternative cultivation methods, capable of ensuring the production of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and numerous other products.

Our products are distributed in many stores and exported to numerous countries around the world, but the best way to discover us is to visit our oil mill.

From picking to pressing:
oil with a unique flavour

With nearly a hundred years of experience, our oil mill has achieved the perfect formula for obtaining exquisite, fruity and unique oil, crafted using only naturally-grown olives.

Once harvested, after choosing the right maturation stage, the olives are subjected to delicate defoliation and washing procedures to eliminate any foreign bodies before moving on to the crushing and cold pressing stages.

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Cold pressing
Only Italian olives

Salvagno Oil, original quality

The original Salvagno oil has been produced since 1923 in our oil mill in Nesente Valpantena, in the province of Verona. Don’t be deceived, always check the label.

In-house production is a source of great pride for our company. We personally follow every stage in our oil mill so as to maintain a standard of purity and quality superior to the market average.

Genuineness above all

With consumer protection in mind, an official method of classifying sensory analysis came into force in 1991; the reason being that the chemical characteristics alone are not sufficient to guarantee the quality of the product.

In order to ensure that each oil falls into the right category, other organoleptic parameters are also taken into consideration by a group of certified of IOC (International Olive Oil Council) tasters.

Salvagno's extra virgin olive oil, with an organoleptic score higher than 6.5 and an acidity of less than 0.8%, meets all the purity requirements among the best extra virgin oils.

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